Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Every time Lady Gaga’s “Nebraska” song plays and she says “6-whole-years”, Ronny and I sing in unison and fill in the blank, “___-whole-years”. It used to be 2, or sometimes 6 for the years we’ve been together in total.
But today is 3-whole-years. Because three years ago I got to marry a wonderful man!
066 k r reception
I love this picture from our wedding day. Obviously there is a lot going on in the picture…everyone is enamored by the stretch-Hummer limo with the K-State flags, Russell is still figuring out his crutches, there are people talking everywhere, Ron is pointing at something – but Ronny and I are just too in love to know that anything else was ever going on. I hope we’re always like this!DSC03675
Happy Anniversary, babe! I look forward to the day when we can say, “65-whole-years” like your grandparents did this year. Love you unconditionally. (Ok, I’ll stop being gushy!)
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2 years
1st year

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