Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Garden

I went into my backyard tonight wanting to conquer the garden. I was tired of looking at at the drying-up vines and overgrown broccoli that had changed from last month.
Garden 9-11

But I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.Garden 9-11-7

I knew that there were a few carrots growing, but last year they turned out so puny that I didn’t have any great expectations for this year. Garden 9-11-2

I was even more surprised when I pulled them out – they were nice and long!Garden 9-11-8Garden 9-11-16

My favorite carrot though seemed to be hugging it’s big brother. Garden 9-11-11Garden 9-11-12

Amongst the drying-up vines were even five cucumbers. There are also three pepper plants that have never come to fruition, but they were still pretty green and thriving, so I didn’t have it in me to pull them out or the cucumber vines. We’ll see what next month brings.

Garden 9-11-10Garden 9-11-17

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