Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emily in Olathe

Last weekend, Ronny and I got to visit Emily in Olathe! She now has a big girl job, big girl apartment, and just seems so grown-up. Waaahhh. But I’m so proud of her and it’s hard not to see her as the “little” sister when she is doing so many awesome things!

First, we got to visit KAT Nurseries where she works and she gave us a rockin’ tour on the Gator.

This was my favorite part – muddin’ in the shade tent! DSC02975DSC02976DSC02978

Near KAT and where Em lives is this place that she’s always wanted to get RP’s picture by. :)

We also got a great dinner at Jack Stack BBQ.

Shopping was on my to-do list as she lives so close to Legends so Em picked up her new dishes that she ordered. We of course had to watch the AMAZING K-State football game against OU and got to spend some time with one of my best friends, Georgia, who lives very close to Em.

On Sunday, we checked out a new church with Em (which had an orchestra – so cool!) and saw some of Ronny’s family friends from Olsburg – small world!

Thanks again for hosting us, Em, and for the great weekend! We love you!

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Alison said...

That 'RP' sign is exactly 1 mile from our house. When we go for walks, that is our 'turnaround' point. Hope she's enjoying Olathe. We sure love it.

-Alison Wiltz