Friday, September 7, 2012

End of Summer via Instagram

In many ways I’m sad that Summer is pretty much over. But I do adore Fall, too. I have fun things to look forward to like our anniversary, my birthday, trips to see family and cooler weather.

So here is the end of summer via my Instagram photos.

Food // I put up several quarts of zucchini in the freezer and was given a ton of tomatoes…so I made salsa! I also did my first solo grilling project – kabobs!

Projects // Ronny has a new project: fixing up his childhood pedal tractor. It is now in pieces. I’ve been doing a few sewing projects, including this K-State wine holder.

State Fair // SF consumed my life in August/September. This was my home for two weeks. We also got to see our brand hanging on the Barn Bar wall that we branded last year.

Random State Fair // I supported by Wildcats, my corn farmers who are Huskers and corn-fed beef all on game day! I also got to meet up with a couple friends at SF– and we couldn’t resist not taking note of our Sperry’s.

But when I came home, this little guy was so glad to see me he didn’t let me get up.IMG_0085

Labor Day // I was so grateful for a relaxing day at home on Labor Day to enjoy my coffee.

Flowers // I received some nice flowers from my coworkers when I didn’t feel well.

My favorite // I love these boys!

life rearranged

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