Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let’s go racing!

Sunday was a first. Our first NASCAR race in Kansas City.

Ronny and I have become NASCAR fans because our friends, Dustin and Shelley, got us started in a fantasy racing league. Ronny may have been a fan before that, but it kick-started us I guess. I wasn’t excited about doing this, but I wanted to learn more about NASCAR as part of my job is promoting ethanol and the NASCAR racecars have been running on E15 for the last two seasons. I wanted to know more about the sport so I could do a better job promoting it.

We took two buses of corn farmers and people in agribusiness from Lincoln down to KC on Sunday and my sister, Emily, met us there.

I hung around the American Ethanol tent in the midway for awhile, then met up with one of my best friends and avid race fans, Bailey and Michael|

The racetrack buzz was really amazing. All of the people – I’m usually not a crowds person, but I felt fine and not claustrophobic walking around. We rented scanners and headphones so we could listen to the drivers and race announcers during the race. This was probably one of the highlights and I definitely recommend it if you are going to a race!DSC03110DSC03112

American Ethanol was featured on the back of the track.

And Ronny was pretty much just like a kid in the candy store at the race. :)

It was a beautiful, warm day and fun experience! DSC03116

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