Monday, October 22, 2012

Go K-State!

Ronny and I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Iowa State vs. Kanas State football game two weekends ago to cheer on our Cats.

My friend, Claire, is an Iowa State alum and invited us to come down and enjoy the festivities with her in Ames. We stayed with her Friday night and then left for tailgating at 5 a.m. Like But we looked ready to go for the day considering the time!

Why did we get up so early to tailgate? Because you have to get to the Tip Top bar by 6 am for chili and beer to avoid waiting in line! It was so funny to see the bar packed at 6 am – Claire said to get the whole Ames experience we had to go there. She was right!

It was pouring rain in the morning, but we didn’t mind. We tailgated through it and found some really great Iowa State fans to talk with.IMG_0462[1]

Our friends Phillip and Lori came also and scored us free tickets into the game. We are blessed with some great friends!


We also found Crystal sporting her purple and got a good chance to catch up with her. Lori and Crystal pulled out looking great in the rain! We also found my friend, Sara, but didn’t get a picture. :(IMG_0479[1]

It was a fun day and glad we could pull out a win! Our Iowa State friends were still nice to us after the game thankfully.

Lastly, on a K-State note, if you haven’t yet, go check out the K-State Mask videos! Ronny doesn’t find them too funny, but I happen to think they are hilarious. Oh, and go #3 ranked K-State! 7-0!!!

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

O I was laughing at the end of this post-YAY for The Mask videos! You are too sweet about me looking good in the rain, I was just thinking to myself how bad I looked! We had a great time with you guys!