Sunday, November 4, 2012

A trip out West–babies, birthdays & cows

Getting caught up here, we got to spend a quick weekend in Colorado the end of October to celebrate a baby and birthdays!

First, we hosted a baby shower for Ryan and Lindsay – these are the only two pictures I took (because Ronny had the camera – see below). They really gathered a lot of loot for the baby – due December 27 – so be ready to see lots of pictures from this proud aunt!

While the girls were at the shower, Ronny went out to check cows (are you really surprised?!).

Of course Hank went along as well.

Love this milk face.

He even figured out the panoramic feature on our camera – great shot!

The pairs.

It was a great weekend at home with lots of family, lots of celebrating and cheering on the Cats for a K-State win. Not much tops all of that!

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Melissa said...

He's quite the photographer! He captured the elusive golden sun! :)