Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day | 2012

It was so nice to relax at home on Christmas Day after our fun Christmas Eve outing with my sister and parents! We missed my brother and sis-in-law though, but they are expecting a baby any day!

Ronny was excited about his K-State gear and Mom and Dad were excited about dinner and a musical.

Emily got a Prince William collectors doll. “I’m staring at you, Emily!” (in a British accent of course). :)DSC03388

In the evening, we did our intermediate family tradition – fondue! Ronny stole the camera while we were preparing all of the food.

Hello Mama!

The table was all ready to go and we ate ourselves full of delicious meat and veggies. Then chocolate with cake and strawberries. Another great tradition besides our Swedish ones! We missed you, Ryan and Lindsay!

We celebrated an early Christmas with Ronny’s family in early December – but I unfortunately didn’t take my camera to get any pictures! The whole fam was there and we enjoyed all of the little kids celebrating Christmas.

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