Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home office redo | final product!

My home office/reading room has taken a little longer to get finished up than I wanted, but it wasn’t a priority over other projects – so I’ve had time to make it just like I want it.

First, my mom helped me paint the room from boring beige to totally turquoise back in March. This room used to be Ronny’s office, but we moved his downstairs for some more space and easier access to the garage door with his work.

The biggest piece of furniture that I’ve been waiting for is my chair. I found it at a great furniture store over Labor Day weekend, but it just came in, in November. Meanwhile, I’ve been using this room to store a few things and as a yoga/stretching room (which I will still be using it for, but won’t be leaving my mat out).

Now, for the finished product…let’s walk in:

All of the pieces on the wall are special to me. This first one was a 4-H project I did with paper and string when I was little. I found this digging through some things at home and since it was turquoise, I had to put it in the room.

The “mola” above my desk is a quilted piece of art that Mom found for me when we were in Panama.

These lovely pieces were from my friend, Georgia, as a house warming present when we moved in.

The pallet shelf. This was a fun Pinterest project that Ronny helped me with last year. I made three of them, but I think it just looked too bulky with all three – so one for now. On the shelf are a picture of Hank, Ronny & I, our brand, and star, also from Georgia.

The chest is Ronny’s show box that he made in High School to keep all of his cattle show supplies, halters and more. Hi mom refinished it last year and I love the dark brown accent it adds to the room.DSC03275

I’m so excited that my room is finished and I can enjoy reading in my chair, having my own little space to write and blog, and display some of my favorite things.

Before & After


Emily said...

I love this! I especially love the wall color, your reading chair and the shelf!

Kelsey Pope said...

Thanks, Emily! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :)