Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY doll blanket and pillow

For my cousin, Katie’s Christmas present, I made her a dolly blanket and pillow. She is really into dolls right now, and according to her dad, is always wanting to put them to sleep. Perfect gift idea!DSC03340

I didn’t use any particular pattern, although I got the idea for the doll quilt from my friend, Shelley’s Garden Bricks Quilt.

I simply used 4 inch strips and tried to alternate the lengths in each row. The finished quilt size was approximately 24”x18”. I used some pink embroidery floss to tie the quilt top to the solid pink backing.

To make the pillow, I used two pieces of fabric that were 6”x9”, sewed the right sides together and flipped inside out, then filled with stuffing.


I’m pretty sure she liked it! :)DSC03366DSC03337

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Emily said...

Super cute...I love your fabric choices!