Thursday, April 14, 2011

To my friend…

I was talking to my great friend, Georgia, last night on the phone and we don’t keep in touch as often as we’d like. And unfortunately, she is no longer on facebook, so I just got her signed up to receiving my blog posts.

So Georgia, this is for you.

Georgia was my first roommate in college….ok, step back. First non-crazy roommate. I had an interesting first roommate – snake and all – for about two weeks, but she decided to move into another dorm. So about week after snake-lady left, a sweet little girl knocks on my door and asks if she could be my roommate. She looked normal and was in another sorority on campus, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad!

And it wasn’t. She was a great roomie, and our sorority houses were even neighbors, so we’d walk over and visit each other a lot. We had SO many fun memories in college….


We did some crazy things together and had a lot of fun….


Our fashion got better as we went through college…


You know what is so weird that I just noticed, Georgia? I’m always on the left of you and you’re always on the right? Huh, too funny!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for being such an awesome friend!!

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Anonymous said...

that is so weird. the right and left thing. :) love your new picture.

ps the word verification today to leave this comment said fartings. ha ha ha.