Sunday, April 17, 2011

A wine tour...

After Ronny finished breeding cows on Saturday he got a wild hair and decided to take me on an adventure - a tour of some wineries near Lincoln. I was totally ok with this idea!

First, we went to Nebraska's largest vineyard, James Arthur Vineyards (@JamesArthurWine). We tasted six different wines and enjoyed a surprisingly nice afternoon outside on the patio. 

Our favorite varieties of wine were from the Frontanac and LaCrosse grapes.

Next we went up the road to Windcrest Winery. They also had the Frontanac and LaCrosse varieties of wine - which we even liked better here. They also had an incredible Apricot wine and a desert cherry wine. 

It was a great date day to relax and enjoy eachother. We've been so busy with our jobs and other activities lately that we don't take much time to do be together. The relaxing atmosphere, quietness of the outdoors to visit and the laughs we had were amazing.

We finished the day with a prime rib dinner at a local bar and grille in Garland. Thanks for a great day, babe!

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