Friday, April 17, 2009

birdie background…

So, in an effort to procrastinate even more on a trade liberalization term paper on U.S. and Japan beef trade (sounds really interesting, huh?!) I decided that I was bored with my old background. Yes I know I’ve only had this for a month…but I didn’t realize there were SO many fun backgrounds out there!

There are only two requirements for my background:

  1. It has to have a bird or birds on it…hence the name and my nickname; and,
  2. I have to like it.

Can’t be too hard, right? So I’ve settled on this new one for now, but I’m sure I’ll change it again soon because there is much more procrastination to do in grad school! If you find any fun new birdie backgrounds, send them my way!

I got this new supercute background at Simply Chic Blogs. Check it out!!

But now I have a problem…I lost my cool settings on the side like my music, and favorite blogs! Ahhh, I should just go back to what I know…economics.

1 comment:

Crystal Young said...

Kelsey, I can't see you new background, it is just white. But I can comment now! I just you win some lose some. I also stole your little music thing and put one of my wall. Have fun on that paper and hope you have an awesome weekend. I'm headed to Stillwater so I am not going to make it to LAR and Open House.