Friday, April 24, 2009

Tallgrass Brewing Co., Manhattan, KS…

I wanted to give Tallgrass a shout out because they are a local brewery right here in Manhattan!! GSAE (graduate students of agricultural economics) have a club and we try to do things to culture ourselves as well as have fun and especially show the international students what this great place is all about. So Matt reluctantly set up a tour with Tallgrass Brewing Co. Can’t you tell he didn’t really want to go?DSCI0149

Here are a few of the guys enjoying a free sample of the new brew, Kold, which is a German-inspired lager. DSCI0142

The mush tin and brew kettle.DSCI0145

Being agricultural economics students, we were very interested in the process, supply chain and production of where the wheat, barley, hops and yeast come from…surprisingly mostly from Germany, because these crops grown in the U.S. “don’t taste as good” according to Jeff, the owner. :)DSCI0147

You can purchase Tallgrass brews most places in Manhattan and other larger cities in Kansas, and they are expanding to Nebraska.

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