Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well first, happy half-birthday to me! Not that it’s that special of a day because I really don’t like getting older. But the most exciting part of today is that in 149 days from today, Ronny and I are getting married!!! This seems like such a small number from the 400 and some days from the date when I started the countdown. 

Yes, we’ve been engaged for a long time, but we live in two different states and I wanted to finish graduate school before starting our new life. Some days I think this was the dumbest idea ever! I miss seeing him everyday. But we’ve been weekend warriors (not the shopping kind of weekend warriors that Mom and I are) but only getting to see each other almost every weekend and making our relationship last that way for almost three years! Crazy to think about.

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures of us.

kels 6


kels 100 kels 106


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