Friday, July 16, 2010

A Kansas home-grown vineyard

Also when we were in Kansas last weekend, Ronny and I visited his aunt, uncle and cousin who live about 15 minutes from his parents! Uncle Tim is a world traveler with his dairy nutritionist job (just got back from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Costa Rica…I’m pretty jealous…but not jealous of the dysentery he got while in Egypt!) Aunt Sue works at K-State and their son, Billy, is interning at a dairy, and is getting geared up to head to grad school at Michigan State this fall.

Between Uncle Tim’s travels, his hobbies consist of growing things…specifically a vineyard and orchard. He grows several varieties of grapes, as well as blackberries, apricots, blueberries, peaches, apples and probably more that I can’t remember! He and Aunt Sue have an extensive garden too, and Sue is quite the jelly maker. I had never seen their place, so we headed over for the evening!

DSCI0031DSCI0034DSCI0037 DSCI0032 DSCI0033  DSCI0035

Then we had some wine tasting and they sent us home with the first three bottles in this picture. :) Thanks Uncle Tim, Aunt Sue and Billy!! The other two bottles are apple wine made by my brother…I like having winemakers in the family!


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Melissa said...

JEALOUS!!! We're trying to get started in the wine making but it takes forever! We'll give you a bottle of our blackberry wine we started next spring when it's ready!