Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reason to celebrate!

In May, Ronny’s brother Russell and his wife, Misty, adopted baby Rhett, which I blogged about here.

This gave us a chance to celebrate! I helped host a baby shower for Rhett last weekend. There was lots of fun and nice gifts for the three of them, and Misty had such a fun time opening all the gifts!


Rhett’s Grandma Nita and her cute rubber ducky punch!DSCI0013

The many faces of Misty:DSCI0015 DSCI0016 DSCI0017

My favorite face. :) I think I told her how cool I was and this was her response.
DSCI0020  DSCI0022 

On Sunday, we got to witness Rhett’s baptism and Ronny was the godfather! (He’s pretty proud!)


I didn’t get any close-ups of Rhett….sorry! Next time! Congrats again Russell and Misty!!

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HV Co. Farmer's Daughter said...

Adoption is such a beautiful gift to both the biological parents and adoptive parents. So glad that your family is able to enjoy this beautiful gift!!