Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th…

…had both family, friends and new community time….and relax time!


On Saturday, Ronny and I headed north about 40 miles to Columbus, NE, where my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins live. The one cousin, Caitlin, wasn’t there, because she is here. The other cousin, Megan, you read about earlier in May when she graduated. Here she is doing the “Megan Pose” and showing off her personal mosquito repellent fan!


So we got to relax, spend time with the family and grandparents and experience my Grandpa’s fireworks. Even though it was cloudy and slightly rainy, we still caught a few rays of sun.


Grandpa napping….what a funny guy!DSCI0003  Again…funny guy!

When it comes to fireworks, Grandpa is like a little kid again. He makes a special trip to Missoura (yes, Missoura, not Missouri) to get “the good stuff!” He loves getting all his stuff organized, sittin’ in the same little spot, and handing it out to the grandkids to light up.

DSCI0029DSCI0027DSCI0031DSCI0033     DSCI0030  DSCI0032 DSCI0034 DSCI0035 

On Sunday, the day was rainy so they postponed the fireworks. But we still had the parade that I got to be the “corn queen” in and throw candy corn! Here is our promo trailer:


Then on Monday night, we got to watch the fireworks with these fun folks!
DSCI0044 DSCI0050 (2)

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