Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New wall deco…

As I began to search for new ways to brighten up the house – without having to paint a lot – as well as getting my wedding portraits printed, I decided a little small sample-sized amount of paint and some Uppercase Living would do just the trick!

I started with our bedroom. Of all the rooms in the house, this was the room I had done nothing with in terms of deco. I really wanted to paint it, but Ronny wasn’t feeling like moving the solid oak bed that I made in HS. But I did get him to agree to painting the soffit and we wouldn’t have to move furniture! Here is the beginning stages:

DSCI0123 (2)

(I didn’t get a middle-stage picture) And here is the final outcome!
DSCI0060 (2)DSCI0058 (2)DSCI0061 (2)

I also added this above the TV:DSCI0056 (2)DSCI0057 (2)

At the end of the hallway, I had the cross hanging there, but it was lonely, so I added the Uppercase Living sign, “Christ The Center of our Home”

DSCI0062 (2)

My favorite new decor is this piece of art (you’ve obviously seen it since it’s been my blog banner for some time). This was taken by my wedding photographer, Suzanne. I ordered a canvas print of this and I love it!

DSCI0063 (2)  
I love how I can see the window panes on each side.DSCI0065 (2) 

I also love how it looks on this wall. With our cathedral ceilings and this bare wall, this art really stands out. I’m much happier now with my walls. :)DSCI0069 (2)


crystal.cattle said...

Wow Kelsey, the house is looking awesome! Where did you get your gallery wrapped picture done? It turned out great.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it! We're in the process of re-doing our house. It's been a work in progress. We took possession Memorial Day weekend and it's been chaotic! I love looking at other people's interiors for ideas too! We haven't worked on our room yet at all. I really love yours! And that photo is great!

HV Co. Farmer's Daughter said...

Love love love love LOVE! The "Christ" quote is amazing and will remind you guys daily as to who should be priority number one in your marriage and life. The rest will fall into place!

Great job girl! So cool!

Melissa said...

This makes me miss you oh so much more! I need to come up there!! Love it all twin!