Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plants and fence: synonymous?

With Hank, yes. Remember when Hank did this: DSCI0151

Well, we were able to save only the zucchini plant and the wire fence has worked effectively in keeping him out (recycled from using to transport our rock).DSCI0001

So when Ronny and I planted the new flowering shrubs in our new rock beds, read here, we put this pellet stuff down that is supposed to keep dogs away, thinking it would work.

Well it doesn’t and I don’t have proof of Hank digging out two of my shrubs except you can kind of tell in this picture after I replanted one shrub that may/may not survive. (The pictures I took didn’t come out…just as well!)DSCI0011

So I had to do this to both beds (Dad, you would be so proud of my fencing skills!) I did this ALL on my own!:DSCI0003 DSCI0010

Hopefully when the plants are better established we’ll be able to take them down. :) Here are a few pictures of the plants themselves. I took pics at 6 am today right before it rained so they’re a little dark, sorry.

In the corner we have dwarf pampas grass, lavender, festuca blue grass and Gaillardia Tokajer – an orange flowering shrub:DSCI0006

DSCI0007In the bed against house I have a burning bush, two purple buddleias and two hostas.DSCI0012 DSCI0013 DSCI0017

Let’s hope the fence works!


Nicole said...

Good luck with the fence and WOW your grass is green!

Kelsey J. Pope said...

Thanks and thanks! The hubby works hard on that green grass...can't let the neighbor show him up! ha ha