Wednesday, September 2, 2009

forecasted showers…

were in the mix of things in July.  I know in an earlier post, I mentioned I would post pictures from our wedding showers, so first up is the Manhattan shower. They didn’t make us do anything crazy, which was nice. :)


Ronny’s grandma Cinnamon (isn’t that a great last name?!) makes quilts for all of her grandchildren (21 to be exact) and baby quilts for all of her great-grandchildren (28 soon to be 29)….she’s a busy lady! But she told us that this was her favorite one to make…and it will be perfect in our K-State guest room!


Yeah for Crate & Barrel! (Dad, notice my nice tongue work
there!) DSC03133
Ronny even got his practicing in ;)DSC03153

Now, onto the Limon shower. This was a “time of day” shower where guests were asked to bring gifts for “morning”, “afternoon” and “evening”. It was all a surprise to me, and when I walked in, all I could say was, “Oh My!!”DSC03264

First, was morning, so I had to wear curlers and a robe, and Ronny got a robe too…DSC03267  …and Naomi put shaving cream on him. :)DSC03269

For “afternoon” we got to dress as June Cleaver and Frank Sinatra.DSC03289 DSC03308

And we were entertained by some boot-scootin’ line dancers!  DSC03309

Last was “evening”. Nothing is more embarrassing than dressing up in lingerie in front of all of your family church friends…old and young!DSC03318

Especially when Ronny sits down and his button fly is undone!!! DSC03319

They were both fun…but glad we’re moving on and don’t have to do that again!!