Thursday, July 30, 2009


Now that Ronny and I own cattle together (Red Angus of course!) we got a brand and it finally got here!! It is really similar to the Frasier “F-Cross” brand, but we made it look like a flying P. (At least that’s what I think it looks like…the men try to correct me.)DSCI0171 So it’s technical name is a “P connected backward F Cross” brand. 

This is what it will look like….you can kind of tell in the shadow…(good creativity, Dad!) DSCI0173

Proud owners! DSCI0174

…but bad hair day…I do have an excuse though…the ladies at church messed it up from our bridal shower when they put rollers in it! Maybe  pictures from that later. :) 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fort Riley…

Yesterday I got to go on an awesome field trip. It wasn’t far from Manhattan, but it is definitely something worth seeing.


My friend from back home, Megan (pictured here with “her” Humvee on the right), is in the Air Force, but is stationed at Fort Riley (which is an Army base), training and preparing to go to Afghanistan. She leaves the middle of August, so she took time out of her busy training schedule to give me a tour.

There are Humvees EVERYWHERE on base! The ones with small glass windows are bullet-proof.  DSC00002 DSC00003 DSC00004

Megan’s housing:DSC00005

Inside of a Humvee (not a bullet-proof one like Megan rides in)DSC00006 DSC00007 

First Capitol of Kansas:DSC00031

Big trucks:DSC00012


Housing for most of the men. There are around 40 guys per room!DSC00014 

Megan said they have these trains go through all the time:DSC00016

One of the high-up officer’s houses. These were so nice!DSC00017

This is where General Custer’s horse, Chief, is buried:DSC00018 DSC00019

Memorial with Custer’s statue:

Custer’s house:DSC00025

Beautiful views from the base:DSC00021     DSC00026   DSC00029 DSC00030 

Thanks Megan for giving me the tour!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

how to play washers…

This picture montage is a great way to show you how to play the game called washers. My friends and I are pretty good at it. :)

First, figure out where your target is (the hole) and line up your DSCI0135shot to hit the hole just right…








Then, you want to study your shot…DSCI0136

And make a toss…

Make sure to keep your balance…

Robin is pretty good at demonstrating…DSCI0132 DSCI0134

And Kate can do it too. She’s got perfect form…DSCI0133    

Lastly, enjoy the fact that we really aren’t good at washers at all…but we look good doin’ it!! DSCI0128

Saturday, July 11, 2009

only yesterday you were a puppy…

I don’t want to turn this blog into a “dog-blog”, but I’m going to turn the focus away from Hank on this one.  Thursday, my doggy back home, Calie – a white Great Pyrenees, passed away at only age 4. Dad had noticed that breathing had been hard for her the last week, so he took her to the local vet. They couldn’t tell what was wrong with their equipment, so he and Emily took her to a special vet in Denver.

That vet discovered that she had a massive tumor in her lung which was very aggressive and had grown very fast, along with her lymph nodes being swollen up.  He sent them home with some pain killers, but didn’t give her much hope. That same day, Calie fell asleep and passed away.

They are not sure why this progressed so fast in such a young dog, and Great Pyrenees’s are not prone to this type of cancer. This is just hard for me as I’m sick of having loved ones with cancer and death.

Here’s a tribute to our dear puppy:

DSC01200    DSC01193 DSC01198
Calie following Rosie:
Em and Calie:
Calie and Finley:DSC05423
All of the Frasier girls:
DSC01538 DSC01527

We love you Calie!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

more little hank pictures…

Because he is so cute and because my fam wants more pictures, here is Hank back by popular demand…


Click below to see the pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

new house & friend…

Well, we got Ronny all moved into our new house!!


I was really bummed to have to come back to Manhattan because I really just want to have fun playing house and decorating and cooking and all that housewife stuff. But, I hear  my thesis calling…
I will share photos of the inside when the rest of the furniture arrives.

But, Ronny has been begging FOREVER to get a dog.  And part of the reason for getting this house was that it had a nice backyard for one. And it just so happened that the day we found out we got the house (about a month ago), one of Ronny’s customers had puppies to give away. And then Ronny’s heart was melted and his eyes turned to puppy dog eyes and I just couldn’t say no. So here is our new little guy, Hank:

Wouldn’t you fall for those puppy dog eyes too?!

Hank is a blue heeler/rat terrier cross, but his coloring definitely makes him look like a heeler, but I think his face will look more like the terrier in him.  We got him last night and gave him and bath and let him play inside. We’re not planning on him to be an inside dog since we have a nice backyard, but I’m sure Ronny will want to sneak him in sometimes.


He likes to help Ronny work too.
DSCI0147 DSCI0148 DSCI0149 He loves to play…

but is a cuddle-bug too!DSCI0152