Monday, July 6, 2009

new house & friend…

Well, we got Ronny all moved into our new house!!


I was really bummed to have to come back to Manhattan because I really just want to have fun playing house and decorating and cooking and all that housewife stuff. But, I hear  my thesis calling…
I will share photos of the inside when the rest of the furniture arrives.

But, Ronny has been begging FOREVER to get a dog.  And part of the reason for getting this house was that it had a nice backyard for one. And it just so happened that the day we found out we got the house (about a month ago), one of Ronny’s customers had puppies to give away. And then Ronny’s heart was melted and his eyes turned to puppy dog eyes and I just couldn’t say no. So here is our new little guy, Hank:

Wouldn’t you fall for those puppy dog eyes too?!

Hank is a blue heeler/rat terrier cross, but his coloring definitely makes him look like a heeler, but I think his face will look more like the terrier in him.  We got him last night and gave him and bath and let him play inside. We’re not planning on him to be an inside dog since we have a nice backyard, but I’m sure Ronny will want to sneak him in sometimes.


He likes to help Ronny work too.
DSCI0147 DSCI0148 DSCI0149 He loves to play…

but is a cuddle-bug too!DSCI0152

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crystal.cattle said...

Your family is already growing!