Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally a chance to enjoy the deck…

I’ve been searching since last fall for the perfect bistro set for our deck. I had to find swivel and rocker combo chairs for Ronny, and a nice table that’s tall enough to eat at but not too big.

I did lots of research and wouldn’t ya know that as soon as I walk into Ace Hardware not expecting to get any patio furniture, I find just what I’m looking for and $100 cheaper!

Bistro set with Hank

BMI: Body Mass Idiocy

I get daily emails/updates from the Center of Consumer Freedom, which is an organization that is devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. They also have pro-ag/pro-food messages, so I like them. I had to share their most recent article on BMI: Body Mass Index, ehrr I mean Idiocy because it made me laugh. Pretty comforting when I think of my own BMI (thank you state government for calling me overweight).

BMI is a simplistic measure that only combines height and weight—ignoring muscle mass—which leads to erroneous classifications. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cast doubt on its usefulness. So it wasn’t surprising to read yesterday that the British National Health Service (NHS), which measures schoolchildren’s BMI and sends “warning letters” to parents of supposedly “overweight” kids, has made a number of big fat screw-ups.

Who else falls into the BMI trap? Today’s CCF infographic presents a few famous “fatsos”—at least according to the their BMI. Be sure to check out our complete list of supposedly flabby folks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plants and fence: synonymous?

With Hank, yes. Remember when Hank did this: DSCI0151

Well, we were able to save only the zucchini plant and the wire fence has worked effectively in keeping him out (recycled from using to transport our rock).DSCI0001

So when Ronny and I planted the new flowering shrubs in our new rock beds, read here, we put this pellet stuff down that is supposed to keep dogs away, thinking it would work.

Well it doesn’t and I don’t have proof of Hank digging out two of my shrubs except you can kind of tell in this picture after I replanted one shrub that may/may not survive. (The pictures I took didn’t come out…just as well!)DSCI0011

So I had to do this to both beds (Dad, you would be so proud of my fencing skills!) I did this ALL on my own!:DSCI0003 DSCI0010

Hopefully when the plants are better established we’ll be able to take them down. :) Here are a few pictures of the plants themselves. I took pics at 6 am today right before it rained so they’re a little dark, sorry.

In the corner we have dwarf pampas grass, lavender, festuca blue grass and Gaillardia Tokajer – an orange flowering shrub:DSCI0006

DSCI0007In the bed against house I have a burning bush, two purple buddleias and two hostas.DSCI0012 DSCI0013 DSCI0017

Let’s hope the fence works!

Monday, July 19, 2010


The previous owners of our home did a great job with landscaping in the front yard and with the three trees that we enjoy. However, the backyard was a little lacking in landscaping from an overgrown corner, and the south part of the house where little sunlight was not allowing the grass to grow.


So we got some big limestone rock from our friend Alex in KS. He owns a quarry and actually our K-State rock that we got from Ryan and Lindsay for our wedding…DSCI0485  …came from Alex’s quarry. So we started with this big pile.DSCI0002

Then we got to work!DSCI0009



Then we added river rock. The rest of our landscaping has river rock and we wanted to match, along with hoping that Hank won’t dig anymore!

DSCI0001 (2)DSCI0004 DSCI0005 DSCI0006 

Then we planted shrubs and flowers….but you’ll have to wait to see pictures!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visiting Kansas Friends


This weekend, Ronny and I headed south to see some friends in Kansas! Bailey and I become great friends when we were on the KSU Women’s Rowing team together. (Pulling out the vintage pics: Bailey is third from front and I’m third from back). DSC00312[1] DSC02003

We’re way cuter now. :)DSCI0009

We had a really fun time meeting up with Bailey and her husband, Michael. We went to their house Saturday and then drove together to KC for the Royals game.DSCI0008  DSCI0011

It was really hot & mostly muggy! But was a fun evening to see some baseball.


Thanks for letting us come, you two! We had a great time and its always great to get to talk in person instead of over the phone. :)DSCI0010 

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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Kansas home-grown vineyard

Also when we were in Kansas last weekend, Ronny and I visited his aunt, uncle and cousin who live about 15 minutes from his parents! Uncle Tim is a world traveler with his dairy nutritionist job (just got back from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Costa Rica…I’m pretty jealous…but not jealous of the dysentery he got while in Egypt!) Aunt Sue works at K-State and their son, Billy, is interning at a dairy, and is getting geared up to head to grad school at Michigan State this fall.

Between Uncle Tim’s travels, his hobbies consist of growing things…specifically a vineyard and orchard. He grows several varieties of grapes, as well as blackberries, apricots, blueberries, peaches, apples and probably more that I can’t remember! He and Aunt Sue have an extensive garden too, and Sue is quite the jelly maker. I had never seen their place, so we headed over for the evening!

DSCI0031DSCI0034DSCI0037 DSCI0032 DSCI0033  DSCI0035

Then we had some wine tasting and they sent us home with the first three bottles in this picture. :) Thanks Uncle Tim, Aunt Sue and Billy!! The other two bottles are apple wine made by my brother…I like having winemakers in the family!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reason to celebrate!

In May, Ronny’s brother Russell and his wife, Misty, adopted baby Rhett, which I blogged about here.

This gave us a chance to celebrate! I helped host a baby shower for Rhett last weekend. There was lots of fun and nice gifts for the three of them, and Misty had such a fun time opening all the gifts!


Rhett’s Grandma Nita and her cute rubber ducky punch!DSCI0013

The many faces of Misty:DSCI0015 DSCI0016 DSCI0017

My favorite face. :) I think I told her how cool I was and this was her response.
DSCI0020  DSCI0022 

On Sunday, we got to witness Rhett’s baptism and Ronny was the godfather! (He’s pretty proud!)


I didn’t get any close-ups of Rhett….sorry! Next time! Congrats again Russell and Misty!!

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