Thursday, September 19, 2013

Introducing Chisum.

Ronny and I are excited to announce our little boy!

Chisum Marshall Pope
September 9, 2013 @ 8:28 am
8 pounds, 10 ounces
21 1/4 inches long

Chisum has quite the birth story to tell and I hope to tell it all in the near future. We both had quite the scare with me having an amniotic embolism before he was born, then I went into DIC after he was born. I know that we are both very blessed for not only surviving the events, but for being so healthy and thriving today. More soon, but meanwhile – pictures! Many of these are from the NICU and our first few days at home.
My first time holding Chisum after getting released from ICU. What a moment!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The 41 week club

Well, we officially made it to the 41 week club! Not sure to be whether to be excited or frustrated, but God has been granting me patience and we’re so thankful to Him for a healthy baby. A healthy baby that just happens to be too comfy!

38 weeks :: 39 weeks
(We didn’t get a 40 week pic and I need to take one today of 41)
39 weeks-4

Ronny and I decided to go do something fun yesterday together to get our minds off of things and hopefully convince baby to join us. And we didn’t want to leave Hank at home, so we went to Branched Oak Lake and had a picnic then went hiking.

Hank was probably the most excited of all of us.

We had a nice view for our picnic. It was a hot day, but the breeze in the shade kept us cool.

The hike was nice to get out and walk, and tire Hank (and me!) out.

In the evening we went to dinner with Shelley and Katelin, then to the high school football game. It was still a warm evening, but nice to be out and about.

The other good thing about having extra time at home is to finish projects that have been sitting around for a while! I finally “finished” my purple, K-State guest room. Ronny and my diplomas have been sitting framed on the floor for a while – ok a couple of years.

And once I got this awesome custom canvas from my friend, Alicia from our baby shower, I decided it would be perfect in this room. She free-handed this! I also want to give her a shout-out for her photography business – if you’re in the Topeka/Manhattan area she has awesome skills!
Purple guest room (3)
Purple guest roomPurple guest room (4)

Ok, we are really ready for you now, Baby Pope!