Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Pillow Shams

To match the quilt I made for my sister (almost finished!), I made matching pillow shams that I gave to her this weekend.
diy pillow sham tutorial

DIY Pillow Sham Tutorial

I put together my own pattern, but you could make these with any pattern or solid piece of fabric. It’s important to measure the pillow you’re going to use for the sham. I used a standard pillow and cut the following pieces of fabric (times two for two shams):

  • Front – 31 1/4 in. length x 23 in. height
  • Back – 35 in. length x 23 in. height
  • Interfacing – same size as front

I wanted to use a heavy interfacing to hold up the sham nicely. The type I found was 20 inch - too short height-wise, so I added 3 1/4 extra inches to the bottom and sewed it on with a zig-zag stitch and a 1/4 inch overlay.

Once the interfacing is the correct size, lay the top of the sham right-side up on top of the interfacing.

To create the back piece with an opening to easily insert your pillow, you’ll need to cut the back piece. It really doesn’t matter the exact area of where to cut, but I measured over 16 inches and cut through the middle, top to bottom. Label your left and right sides and keep right sides up. I did this with the blue and yellow pins.

You’ll be hemming the left side of one rectangle and the right side of the other.  Fold over 1/2 inch and press. Hem each one.IMG_1271IMG_1272

Lay the left side of your backing right-side down (back of hem facing out). Pin in place.IMG_1276

Then position the right side of the backing right-side down. Pin in place. The two small rectangles will overlap, which is how you’ll insert the pillow when you’re done.

Sew all the way around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Trim corners and fold inside out. That’s the beauty of these shams! Poke the corners out with the tips of scissors or a pencil. Iron the seam all the way around. IMG_1280

Measure your pillow to double check the size for the border. I created mine with a little more than a 2 inch border. You want the pillow to be snug, but fit correctly, so I made my border 2 1/4 inch in from the edge.  

Now you’ll sew it again, while it’s right side out, to create the border. I measured in 2 1/4 inch at each corner and made a mark. IMG_1283

Some machines have measurements on them, but I just made a small black mark on my machine at the 2 1/4 inch mark (so I didn’t have to mark my fabric all the way around) and followed around the entire pillow sham. IMG_1284

Insert your pillow through the opening in the back, and you’re done!IMG_1285

Monday, April 15, 2013


I didn’t get around to InstaFriday, so here goes the last few weeks via Instagram.

Ronny and I went to Manhattan for the BJ Angus production sale // catching up with one of my besties, Georgia // checking our stones on K-State’s Senior Sidewalk

New magnet at work //

Walking Hank on a nice day // walking Hank on a cold day all bundled

I received my Honorary State FFA Degree at the Nebraska FFA Convention

Watching my former FFA mentee, McKehna, compete in the pole vault for the Doane Tigers at Concordia University in Seward //

high five for friday.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Girl time

One of my besties, Patricia, and I took some much needed girly time this weekend to shop, find some fun antiques and get our nails done.

We met up and ate at Hu Hot – one of our faves and a place that neither of our husbands will eat at with us! We went antiquing and I found some fun stuff for the baby’s room.

We of course needed to pamper ourselves with manis & pedis. Pat is due with her baby boy May 5 – so we enjoyed our time at the salon together.DSC03672

Since Pat is due so soon, we took advantage of a belly pic of our future besties.DSC03670

Great weather and a great day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend–He is Risen!

We had a fun-filled, family weekend to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!

My Kansas grandparents hosted Easter with my mom’s side of the family, so all of the siblings and cousins were together to spend time – and to enjoy Grandma’s amazing food. (Why is it that I can make her recipes to the exact recipe and it still doesn’t taste the same? I think she throws some Grandma-magic spice in, although she won’t admit it. ;)

One of the events we participated in was the annual Easter egg hunt. All of the “kids” ages 21 to 30 enjoyed a Easter egg hunt thanks to Aunt Tam (for filling over 400 eggs with candy) and Grandpa. (You really like finding Grandpa’s eggs because it means money – and this year, Subway gift cards!)67961_10151852210821632_345533748_n (1)

We got all lined up for the hunt – then had to be  just a little bit silly. :)

Then, because they love pity me, the pregnant one, they let me take three steps of a head start. And guess what…this lady got 82 eggs! I almost beat Josh (the non-relative) so really I won. :)

It was a great weekend and so great to all be together. One of the best parts this year was having Miss Maelle with us! I don’t think she was put down for one minute – she got lots of love this weekend.562259_10151852209981632_1701380868_n562341_10151852210416632_1405733366_n

Hope you had a Happy Easter to celebrate Christ being Risen!