Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broncos game…

Last weekend when Ronny and I were in Colorado helping my dad breed cows, we got a chance to go to the Denver Broncos game. Mom and Dad were planning on going anyways as Dad is on the ag advisory committee and got invited by the ag teacher, but another couple ended up not being able to go, so we got to!

I had not been to the new Invesco field. I went to a couple games back at Mile High Stadium, so that was a fun, neat experience and it is a beautiful stadium.DSCI0043DSCI0046

All decked out in our orange and blue:DSCI0044DSCI0045

We met up with these Limonites at the game {Ruby & Cody and Rich & Donna}. Our seats were 5 rows from the top, so it was a good view of the field and the mountains. DSCI0062DSCI0073

DSCI0064DSCI0067DSCI0076 DSCI0077

We even got an orange ‘n’ blue Bronco sky!DSCI0086DSCI0092DSCI0099

Even though the Broncos lost, we had a great time. Thanks again Cody and Ruby!DSCI0102

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the road again…

Part of my summer work has been consumed by promoting Nebraska corn at county fair parades and other festivals. Several of my board members and other corn growers have taken it to their own parades, but when none of them can, I hit the road!Sarpy County Fair Parade (11)

The messages on the trailer about how Nebraska corn farmers are growing more with less and sustaining innovation. Sarpy County Fair Parade (2) Sarpy County Fair Parade (10)

Some of these little parades have the cutest things…like these little old men and all their tractors! Sarpy County Fair Parade (4)Or weird things like these:
Sarpy County Fair Parade (7)Sarpy County Fair Parade (6) 

And sometimes my hubby goes with me. He’s thrilled, but I appreciate the company! Sarpy County Fair Parade (3)

Next year, I think I’ll make a corn costume for Hank and make him the official corndog. He loves corn. :)DSCI0040

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Worth the effort

Through a friend of a friend’s blog, I ran across Offer them Christ and read about Project Pillowcase. After reading it, I felt led to help out and sew as many dresses as I could. This mission team is headed to the Philippines in October and are taking dresses and other clothing for the children there.

I found two pillowcases from Goodwill and bought two more pillowcases on clearance.

Here is my start with four completed:

DSCI0001 DSCI0003 DSCI0004 DSCI0005

If you have extra pillowcases you feel led to send me, I’d love to turn them into a little dress for a girl in the Philippines. Or if you’re interested, check out this link to make your own.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventure to the Midget Races

Ronny and I did something adventurous yesterday. Usually we are planners and know what we’re doing before we just take off – but not for this! We just grabbed a change of clothes and headed down the road – with Hank of course!

Our friend, Mike, who now is in grad school at Purdue but was Ronny’s roommate in college, was home for the weekend in Belleville, KS (about 1 hour 20 minutes from our place) and this weekend was the Midget Nationals! It is a pretty cool track (picture below from website) and Belleville is famous for it. It is a historic dirt track built in 1910 for racing events that encompass everything from horses to motorcycles. It has the title “World's Fastest Half Mile Dirt Track”. There’s your trivia for the day!

The Midget Nationals is a race for small racecars – basically glorified go-carts…just don’t tell them I called them that! But they go way FAST! DSCI0021DSCI0013

We thought we were cool to get third row seats, when in fact, those are the bad seats! When the cars go around the curve, they throw mud, dirt and dust right into the crowd. But that just made the experience more fun! DSCI0014

I was excited for the white car you can see below because it is an E85 car – run by 85% Ethanol. DSCI0017

The qualifying runs were eight laps around the track, but the final run was 40 laps. This was the lineup before the finals.DSCI0019

Overall, it was a fun adventure, a great time to see Mike (I forgot to get a picture of him and Ronny!) and a couple other college friends, and enjoy something I’ve never been to before. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A pretty big number

A recent study found this number: 100,500… the number of words an average person consumes – meaning reads or hears – every day. The amount we read has tripled from 1980-2008 thanks to the internet! (Source: By the numbers, University of California, San Diego.)

I blogged on Nebraska Corn Kernels and Ag on the Forefront about using this number to advocate for agriculture. Read about it here. How many of a consumer's 100,500 words consumed per day had anything to do about ag? They should be hearing ag's great story about how their food is produced.

What are you consuming your 100,500 with? Hopefully something meaningful, educational and relevant. With all of the crud out there today on the internet, TV, junk emails and more...a lot of time is spent consuming that crud and taking time away from the good stuff. Make this your challenge today to consume good from what you read, hear and say.