Monday, August 31, 2009

New happenings!!

My hiatus from blogging and anything fun (facebook, twitter, wedding plans, etc.), have all been to finish up my thesis and interview for jobs.

First, I am excited to announce that I accepted a JOB offer with the Nebraska Corn Board!!! This was only my second job interview, but after receiving the offer, I decided this would be a great opportunity for some corporate experience and would compliment my education in beef and ag economics. I will be working in downtown Lincoln in the State Building next to the capital…which is about a 24 minute drive from Seward. So I will start sometime the middle of October upon defending my thesis.

Speaking of thesis… I finished my first draft!! 106 pages later. My major was very complimentary and right now, I’m working on doing corrections and will set my defense date this week.

The most fun part about the last two weeks was my surprise bachelorette party thrown by my sister (MOH).  We started at Theta where I got my shirt… which said, “I’m Marrying the Pope!”.

Here I am with my future mother-in-law and mom. :)momsGetting ready to get embarrassed:kelsThree of my five bridesmaids:bridesmaids 

And then…..the night got a little crazy:

 moose quarters kels and pat  

But it was fun!! Thanks girls for a memorable night!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goal update…

I wanted to give you a brief update on how my summer work is going. Back in May, I posted my to-do timeline and my goals for the summer. Well, I’m a little behind, but my thesis has become a lot more complicated (yet significant) in the last two weeks, so it is going to take a little while longer. I’m still planning on being done before the wedding (which is 36 days!), yet I will defend sometime in October so I can stay on assistantship ($$$ is a good thing).

So here is a quick little run-down of what I’ve completed:

  • 8 chapters total
  • Over 16 models ran (OLS regression, binary logit and ordered logit….I’m learning two-limit tobits tomorrow!)
  • Over 53 pages completed(which is only half of the writing…the rest is in notes and will be transferred over next week…definitely looking at over 100 pages.)
  • Over 25 or so reference articles read and reported about in my literature review.

Ok back to work. Just wanted to keep you in the loop!! I will be posting it on here when it’s published!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my favorite part about…

… wedding planning is this great little Web site called WeddingWire.

It gives me a great To-Do list, and tells me how many tasks I have yet to complete:wedding1


But the BEST part is this little thing:


As I complete tasks…the little bride (a.k.a…me) gets closer to the little groom! (a.k.a… Ronny).

I know this is simple, but it is one of the little things that makes me smile and keeps me sane in this busy time. :) 

Future brides…check this site out! Oh..and check out my wedding Web site here that I created on the site!