Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emily in Olathe

Last weekend, Ronny and I got to visit Emily in Olathe! She now has a big girl job, big girl apartment, and just seems so grown-up. Waaahhh. But I’m so proud of her and it’s hard not to see her as the “little” sister when she is doing so many awesome things!

First, we got to visit KAT Nurseries where she works and she gave us a rockin’ tour on the Gator.

This was my favorite part – muddin’ in the shade tent! DSC02975DSC02976DSC02978

Near KAT and where Em lives is this place that she’s always wanted to get RP’s picture by. :)

We also got a great dinner at Jack Stack BBQ.

Shopping was on my to-do list as she lives so close to Legends so Em picked up her new dishes that she ordered. We of course had to watch the AMAZING K-State football game against OU and got to spend some time with one of my best friends, Georgia, who lives very close to Em.

On Sunday, we checked out a new church with Em (which had an orchestra – so cool!) and saw some of Ronny’s family friends from Olsburg – small world!

Thanks again for hosting us, Em, and for the great weekend! We love you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Every time Lady Gaga’s “Nebraska” song plays and she says “6-whole-years”, Ronny and I sing in unison and fill in the blank, “___-whole-years”. It used to be 2, or sometimes 6 for the years we’ve been together in total.
But today is 3-whole-years. Because three years ago I got to marry a wonderful man!
066 k r reception
I love this picture from our wedding day. Obviously there is a lot going on in the picture…everyone is enamored by the stretch-Hummer limo with the K-State flags, Russell is still figuring out his crutches, there are people talking everywhere, Ron is pointing at something – but Ronny and I are just too in love to know that anything else was ever going on. I hope we’re always like this!DSC03675
Happy Anniversary, babe! I look forward to the day when we can say, “65-whole-years” like your grandparents did this year. Love you unconditionally. (Ok, I’ll stop being gushy!)
389 4x6 kelsey and ronny[4]
2 years
1st year

Monday, September 17, 2012

So long

Ronny and I headed south this weekend for the Kappa Alpha Theta open house and got to meet up with my sister at So Long Saloon – a favorite in Aggieville.
photo (3)photo (1)

We had a fun surprise as we were waiting to be seated…it was K-State Band Day! So the Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band strolled through Aggieville, along with several high school bands.
photo (2)

Emily was able to get me a ticket to the game and Ronny found a ticket through his friend, so we enjoyed a Wildcat Victory! It was good to be back home with Bill. :)photo

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Garden

I went into my backyard tonight wanting to conquer the garden. I was tired of looking at at the drying-up vines and overgrown broccoli that had changed from last month.
Garden 9-11

But I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.Garden 9-11-7

I knew that there were a few carrots growing, but last year they turned out so puny that I didn’t have any great expectations for this year. Garden 9-11-2

I was even more surprised when I pulled them out – they were nice and long!Garden 9-11-8Garden 9-11-16

My favorite carrot though seemed to be hugging it’s big brother. Garden 9-11-11Garden 9-11-12

Amongst the drying-up vines were even five cucumbers. There are also three pepper plants that have never come to fruition, but they were still pretty green and thriving, so I didn’t have it in me to pull them out or the cucumber vines. We’ll see what next month brings.

Garden 9-11-10Garden 9-11-17

Friday, September 7, 2012

End of Summer via Instagram

In many ways I’m sad that Summer is pretty much over. But I do adore Fall, too. I have fun things to look forward to like our anniversary, my birthday, trips to see family and cooler weather.

So here is the end of summer via my Instagram photos.

Food // I put up several quarts of zucchini in the freezer and was given a ton of tomatoes…so I made salsa! I also did my first solo grilling project – kabobs!

Projects // Ronny has a new project: fixing up his childhood pedal tractor. It is now in pieces. I’ve been doing a few sewing projects, including this K-State wine holder.

State Fair // SF consumed my life in August/September. This was my home for two weeks. We also got to see our brand hanging on the Barn Bar wall that we branded last year.

Random State Fair // I supported by Wildcats, my corn farmers who are Huskers and corn-fed beef all on game day! I also got to meet up with a couple friends at SF– and we couldn’t resist not taking note of our Sperry’s.

But when I came home, this little guy was so glad to see me he didn’t let me get up.IMG_0085

Labor Day // I was so grateful for a relaxing day at home on Labor Day to enjoy my coffee.

Flowers // I received some nice flowers from my coworkers when I didn’t feel well.

My favorite // I love these boys!

life rearranged