Monday, June 29, 2009

done stampedin’…

As promised from my last post, here are the updates from Country Stampede from Saturday and Sunday. Tim McGraw was totally awesome to see in person, but Phil Vassar put on the best show!

First, Wade Bowen. Oh how I love him. DSCI0131DSCI0130
Robin and I got a picture with Wade, but we took it on her camera, so I’ll have to get it from her later and post it! I updated my music and this is him singing as well.

Then, Jack Ingram:DSCI0135

Blake Shelton…really amazing too!        DSCI0136 (2) 

Oh curly hair and dimples.  Can’t go wrong. :) I won’t let Ronny see this post. :) DSCI0137 (2)    

DSCI0151 (2) Oh how well those jeans fit… (I really wasn’t trying to take this picture, he just turned at the right time. ;)  )DSCI0150 (2) 

But the MOST IMPORTANT part of Saturday was Miss Em’s 20th birthday!! Happy birthday little sis!! (*pinch pinch*)DSCI0126

On Sunday were the Bellamy Brothers, The Lost Trailers, Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar (in order of appearance)…and you know, I ragged on Kellie Pickler in my last post b/c she is a PETA supporter, but I have to give it to her that she is just too dang cute! That’s the only nice thing I’ll say, Mandy!! :)
    DSCI0129 (2) 

     DSCI0135 (2)

 DSCI0136 (3) DSCI0137 (3) P.S. Mel (twin) if you’re reading this, I think you look a lot like Kellie…but prettier and way sexier for eating BEEF!!!

DSCI0146 (2) DSCI0138 (2) DSCI0139 (2)

And one final shot of our group who survived!!DSCI0131 (2)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh stampede…

I decided to attend Country Stampede again this year…only because my grad school friends needed a guide as they have never gone. :) First I want to note last Tuesday when the heat index was over 100 degrees…this is what my truck said: 

If you can’t tell…that is 107 degrees…not including humidity. Gross.



Here’s some pictures of the event so far. Still two days to go and my shoulders are feelin’ the burn.

Luke Bryan (a little hard to tell, but that is him):DSCI0140

MY FAVORITE!!! Aaron Watson:

DSCI0145 DSCI0143

Zac Brown Band:DSCI0151

Randy Rogers:

James Otto:

Sawyer Brown:

And Dierks Bentley!!
DSCI0170     DSCI0169

Clinton Anderson, world famous Australian horse trainer:DSCI0153

The “Wall of Death Stunt Riders”:
DSCI0162 DSCI0161

And of course there was mud. What would Stampede be without mud!!

Our group taking in the rays:DSCI0157     
More to come from today and Sunday’s performances: Wade Bowen, Jack Ingram, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Bellamy Brothers, Lost Trailers, (I’m skipping over Kellie Pickler…gag) and Phil Vassar!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

line dancing…

My Tuesday nights are now dedicated to line dancing. Good ol’ fashioned line dancing with lots of old folks.  I’m in love with each and everyone of them!!

DSCI0129 (2)

Here is a demo:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Texas trip…

Last weekend, my family traveled to Marble Falls, Texas, for a family friend’s wedding. I didn’t take many pictures at the wedding, but the road trip down there with Ryan and Lindsay (brother and sister-in-law) was lots of fun and we saw some fun sights.

Here, Ryan was attempting to take a picture of the bridge: DSCI0138

This was a creepy huge hotel looking structure that we decided was a mental hospital 60 years ago and was now a ghost house:

In Windhorst, TX…when Linz was getting sick of Ryan and I singing, “Deep in the heeeeaaarrrrttt of Texas!!”:

Hamilton, TX… home of pretty wall hangings and tricked-out golf carts:

This was only one of three things we saw on a post (or a stick as Linz would have said). So this was the cow on a post. We had already seen a horse on a stick and a truck on a stick, I think:DSCI0143

But the best part of the trip down was visiting Dublin, TDSCI0159X, “Home of Dr. Pepper”.  I had been there before, but it was a treat to get to see it again and tour the plant. They were also celebrating their 118th birthday the next day so they were getting ready for all of the festivities:

Inside the Dr. Pepper museum:
DSCI0154 DSCI0152 DSCI0153

 DSCI0156DSCI0157DSCI0161   DSCI0158  DSCI0160

However, the highlight of the trip was obviously seeing roadkill…although only 6 armadillos were sighted. So this is as close as I could get to getting a picture of roadkill…obviously a big bird:

The whole wedding weekend was very fun. We spent most all of Friday and Saturday on the lake, rode around on the boat and tubed, and got kinda burnt…not because of lack of sunscreen though… I was lathering it on! The wedding was beautiful on the lake and it was fun to see lots of old friends.