Wednesday, June 3, 2009

weird firsts…

This last week was a weird one for me. Lots of firsts…which for the most part were good. Moving to a new place for the summer. With moving came consolidating…meaning getting rid of a lot of stuff! Or just moving it to Ronny’s parents for temporary storage. I know Ronny thinks I’m crazy to have so much stuff, but really, there is just stuff that a girl needs sometimes and if I didn’t store it away, I would have to go buy it and that is just not the economical thing to do. Boys just don’t understand sometimes. So since my last post, I have:

  • moved to a new location (basement room which means cool temperature and tornado shelter…but farther to bike to school.)
  • gotten bit in the rear-end by a horse (no it wasn’t hard or anything, it just scared me more than anything. He just wanted to play!)
  • gotten stung by a bee in the armpit ( a bee got into my armpit when I was helping sort cattle and when I put my arm down, he apparently didn’t like that and stung me in 4 places…first time for everything! At least I wasn’t allergic to bee stings…now I’m just trying not to itch my armpit like crazy!)
  • received ~150 surveys back that I sent for my thesis (around 18% response rate…end goal is more than 33%, so I’m getting there.)
  • talked to my sister for the first time in 3 weeks (Em just got back from Costa Rica and it was SO SO SO good to briefly talk to her!)

Lastly, I get to go home Thursday evening. Mom and Em and I (and  maybe we’ll drag Dad along) are going to do lots of wedding stuff, I get my first dress fitting, and will hopefully have some down time. But I’m also really looking forward to seeing this…

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