Monday, December 26, 2011

DIY | Sewing small, drawstring bags

To add a lil’ something something to a few Christmas gifts this year, I threw together some small bags that I made out of some extra fabric pieces I had.

These gifts for the gals had jewelry in them, so they would make perfect jewelry bags, but they could be used for just about anything and made to any size.

DIY Small, Drawstring Bag
Cut two pieces of fabric to 6” x 10” (or whatever size you need for the sides of your bag). Then press the long side seams in 1/4-inch.

Fold over end 2-inches and press.

Sew 1/4-inch above the bottom of the folded over seam.DSC00754

Measure up 1/2-inch and sew across again. This will make the channel for the drawstring.

Next, cut two strips of fabric 2-inches wide for the drawstring. Sew ends together to make one long piece (length is up to you).

Fold the long end in 1/2-inch and press. Do the same with the other side – fold in and press. You should have about an 1-inch wide piece.

Next, fold the narrow end in about 1/4-inch, then fold the entire piece inwards length-wise to create a 1/2-inch drawstring.

Sew as close to the open end as possible the length of the drawstring.

Use a safety pin and thread the drawstring through both sides of the bag before sewing each side together. I found that it was easier to lineup and sew if I put the drawstring in before sewing. Pin both sides together, front side facing each other. Be sure to tuck in the drawstring before sewing sides together. Sew the length and bottom of the bag in 1/4-inch, Then tack the small area above the drawstring to hold in place.

Turn inside out and use a pencil to pop out the corners.I decided to personalize my bags with a monogram (which I put on before sewing both sides together).

I simply cut the letter out and used a zig-zag stitch to hold in place.DSC00767


Home on the Range Exchange said...

Cute and useful. You are more crafty than I knew. YAY!

I should make some of these when people buy my jewelry.

Anonymous said...

kels! those were so cute. Loved them and the necklace! thanks for being such a sweet sister-in-law. i am dying to know what emily got for everyone...i feel such suspense.