Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pallet Shelves

I found these super-cute shelves on Pinterest made out of pallets.

While we were in Colorado for Thanksgiving, I decided to get a little crafty and use some of Dad’s old pallets (thanks, Dad!).

It was a very cold day, but Ronny helped me and we cut off the two ends of the pallets.
Pallet Shelves (2 of 5)

Then we cut out the center pieces from the middle of the pallet to use as the bottom of the shelf. (Thanks, Em, for supervising!)
Pallet Shelves (3 of 5)

We adjusted the right height for the base of the shelf, then nailed it in from the back side.
Pallet Shelves (5 of 5)

All done!
Pallet Shelves (4 of 5)

We decided to brand a couple of pieces of old pallet wood to use as decoration in our house also.

When we got them home, I put felt on the back side of the shelves to prevent scratching the wall. I haven’t hung them all yet, but I did use one on the top of  my photo shelf.
Pallet Shelves (2 of 4)
Pallet Shelves (4 of 4)

Anyone else used pallets for new, creative things?


Home on the Range Exchange said...

stinkin cute! Way to see something on Pinterst and actually get it made!

Nicole said...

I saw where they made a little boys wall out of those so I've been trying to convince my husband to use them as a new counter top in our kitchen... I haven't quite convinced him yet.

Miss Mandy said...

I posted something on pinterest for you! They used pallets for wine bottles in their kitchen. You should do that too!!! <3 M