Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden 2011

Remember my failure container gardening last year thanks to Hank?

Well Ronny decided to make me a boxed garden. We made it 8' x 3' and put by the fence in the backyard where it would get plenty of sun, but is shady enough some of the time so the plants won't get scorched.

Here is is after I finished planting....with a helper...who won't be able to dig in because we put chicken wire over the top and planted inbetween the holes. But for good measure until the plants get established, we did put a temporary fence around it to keep the digmaster out.

I planted regular tomatoes...

 Jalapeno peppers...

Hybrid bell salsa peppers...


And carrots from seeds (my first seed experience so we'll see how this goes)...


 And cherry tomatoes...

I will also be planting some gourd seeds we received from church, but I need to germinate them. (Watch out Em and Mom (hort nerds) here comes Kelsey's Green Thumb!)

Hopefully Hank will stay out and we'll have a good garden harvest!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living He Loved Me

I've been singing this song by Casting Crowns all week after hearing it sung as a special in church, so I wanted to share it.

Living He loved me,
Dying He save me,
Buried He carried,
My sins far away.
Rising He justified!
Freely Forever!
One day He's coming,
Oh Glorious Day!

 And what more perfect of an occasion to celebrate Christ's Return than this Easter Sunday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A wine tour...

After Ronny finished breeding cows on Saturday he got a wild hair and decided to take me on an adventure - a tour of some wineries near Lincoln. I was totally ok with this idea!

First, we went to Nebraska's largest vineyard, James Arthur Vineyards (@JamesArthurWine). We tasted six different wines and enjoyed a surprisingly nice afternoon outside on the patio. 

Our favorite varieties of wine were from the Frontanac and LaCrosse grapes.

Next we went up the road to Windcrest Winery. They also had the Frontanac and LaCrosse varieties of wine - which we even liked better here. They also had an incredible Apricot wine and a desert cherry wine. 

It was a great date day to relax and enjoy eachother. We've been so busy with our jobs and other activities lately that we don't take much time to do be together. The relaxing atmosphere, quietness of the outdoors to visit and the laughs we had were amazing.

We finished the day with a prime rib dinner at a local bar and grille in Garland. Thanks for a great day, babe!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

To my friend…

I was talking to my great friend, Georgia, last night on the phone and we don’t keep in touch as often as we’d like. And unfortunately, she is no longer on facebook, so I just got her signed up to receiving my blog posts.

So Georgia, this is for you.

Georgia was my first roommate in college….ok, step back. First non-crazy roommate. I had an interesting first roommate – snake and all – for about two weeks, but she decided to move into another dorm. So about week after snake-lady left, a sweet little girl knocks on my door and asks if she could be my roommate. She looked normal and was in another sorority on campus, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad!

And it wasn’t. She was a great roomie, and our sorority houses were even neighbors, so we’d walk over and visit each other a lot. We had SO many fun memories in college….


We did some crazy things together and had a lot of fun….


Our fashion got better as we went through college…


You know what is so weird that I just noticed, Georgia? I’m always on the left of you and you’re always on the right? Huh, too funny!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for being such an awesome friend!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a little scratch and love...

Last week, Ronny was traveling and I was in meetings late most nights, so we didn't get much time to visit, much less any time for me to entertain and exercise Hank. But late one evening, I'm about to fall asleep on the phone talking to Ronny and Hank keeps bugging me - whining, jumping on my legs and scratching at me. Here goes our conversation:

Me: "Hank, I'm really sorry I didn't take you out today - but you did get to play outside when I got home."
Hank: *whhhiiiiinnnnneeeee
Ronny: "So anyways, about my black cows...."
Me: "Oh my gosh Ronny, we forgot Hank's birthday!"
Ronny: "We did, didn't we -  April 3rd, right?"
Me: "Yes, I'm sorry Hank! {scratch scratch love love} You did get to play with Ruby {friend's dog and Hank's girlfriend} the day before your birthday, so we'll make that count!"
Hank: *perfectly content with the scratching and love.

We love you Hank and sorry we missed your birthday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Theta for a Lifetime

This past weekend was the Kappa Alpha Theta’s 50th Anniversary of the Delta Eta Chapter at K-State. It was so great to catch up with so many Thetas in my era, as well as a family member my mom's age!

First, the gals of the 2004 pledge class (technically "new member class" - but we'll call it pledge), got together at the fabulous La Fiesta restaurant in Manhattan. I'm so thankful for this time together with these girls because the rest of the day was a blur and I didn't get to visit with everyone later.

In the afternoon was a tea with all of the reunion guests. They had a nice program, recognized many of the initial members and gave us an update on the renovations planned to start this May. We recieved these cute totes, and took many pictures afterwards!

 My Theta family - the Royal Family!

Most of the '00s decade gals in attendance.

 The chapter president picture - it was so great to have so many there!

That evening, we had a decade dinner with the '00s decade at Pat's in Aggieville. It was a great place to unwind and socialize with many great friends.

My wonderful friend and "twin", Melissa - check her out over at Chronicles of a Lipstick Cowgirl!

So great to see all of you sisters. Let's get together again before the 75th! To see more weekend pictures, you can look at my online album here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Green spring

My great weekend was full of wonderful conversations and memories with my Theta sisters and time with my husband and his family that I’ll blog about later in the week.

But the best part of going to Manhattan, KS (a little bit of heaven on earth) was seeing all the green and the feeling of spring!