Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden 2012…

…is underway! Or underground, whichever way you look at it.

The majority of my garden I started from seeds this year indoors.
Planting 04282012

From seed, I planted pumpkin, lettuce, sugar snap peas, cucumbers and peppers.

My pumpkin seeds were really strong, but they ended up wimping out…I think they needed more root space. But my sugar snap peas, cucumbers and peppers came up good from seed. I got everything in the box this past Saturday. This is my second year for the box garden, we had pretty good luck with it last year!

Planting 04282012-3

We fence it off at the beginning to keep the digmaster (aka Hank) out! I don’t want a repeat of this.

I did buy a couple of greens already going – one zucchini, a few broccoli and four bib lettuce. (The lettuce I planted from seed is a butter crunch lettuce – hopefully the combo will make a great salad!)

Planting 04282012-5Planting 04282012-7Planting 04282012-8

We’re also trying a new idea that I found on Pinterest – Vertical Pumpkins. Ronny really wanted pumpkins this year to take to the fair (he makes me chuckle.), so instead of taking up our whole garden box with pumpkin vines, we are going vertical.

Planting 04282012-2

How these work is, when the plants start growing, we’ll make a little wire fence around them so they will grow up and over the fence. We may have to support the pumpkins when they start growing, but I found some different ideas – like hose – that can help hold them up.

We’ll see how it works. Now I just need to pray that we don’t get a late freeze. :-/

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emily’s final lap

Last weekend was such a full one. First we celebrated Ronny’s grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary, took pictures in the green wheat, played and photographed our nephew, Rhett, and then trekked through Manhattan on our way back to Nebraska.
My sister, Emily, is a senior in Horticulture/Landscape Design at K-State and she was awarded with the Outstanding Horticulture Senior Award in the Hort Awards Ceremony and was recognized again during the Ag Awards Ceremony.
We managed to get a family  picture while we were at the campus gardens.DSC_0309
Congrats Em! We’re so proud of you! Er,  most of the time I guess. ;)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photographing little Mr. Rhett

Remember when this little doll was born?

Our nephew, Rhett, was born almost two years ago, and after the big celebration in Oklahoma this weekend celebrating Grandpa & Grandma Cinnamon’s 65th wedding anniversary and taking pictures in the green wheat, I took a few pictures of this almost-two-year-old.

Rhett Vance Pope-6

Rhett Vance Pope-146Rhett Vance Pope-73Rhett Vance Pope-95Rhett Vance Pope-80

This is one, blessed family!
Rhett Vance Pope-33Rhett Vance Pope-60

Friday, April 27, 2012

Green wheat field

After leaving the Cinnamon’s 65th wedding anniversary in Oklahoma, Ronny and I stopped on the side of the road by a beautiful green, wheat field.


I wanted to practice a few new photography techniques I learned while in St. Louis, but also to snap a few pictures of us for fun. I wish the sun was a little lower to cut-out the shadows.


Ronny was not the best model.


But he got better.

He took a few pictures of me as well, but I’ll just show the good one. :)

I loved the green, springy wheat! But it will be turning brown soon and harvest will start right around the corner.

A 65th wedding anniversary

Last weekend, Ronny and I traveled to Oklahoma to celebrate his grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary. 65 years. How incredible!

They had a great meal and of course cake…my favorite.
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-3-2

Since his Grandma Cinnamon is Czech, they had a polka! Aren’t they adorable?
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-9-2
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-11-2

Grandpa Cinnamon made sure the floor was good and slick with sawdust.
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-15-2

There was a lot of dancing and celebrating.
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-21-2
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-13-2
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-5-2

Then we had cake and punch.
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-31-2Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-39-2Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-44-2Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-50-2

Most all of the grandkids and great-grandkids were there to celebrate. Here are the great’s. (I joked with Ronny that the grandkids weren’t cute enough anymore to get their picture with their grandparents.)
Cinnamon's 65th Anniversary (Apr 21 2012)-65-2

Congrats, Grandpa and Grandma Cinnamon! Thanks for being such great role models for our marriage.

More pictures here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Instagram Friday

I just started using Instagram.

For one, I have an Android device and they just allowed Androids to use Instagram. I have been jealous of iPhone’s because of the fun photos that can be created using Instagram. Example: The Pioneer Woman.

So, here are a few photos from the past two weeks.


My friend, Dawn (the Lady of Ag on her blog and twitter), is working on her daughter’s heifer, Smalls, at a show in Seward.

My Easter centerpiece. My hort-nerd mom and sister should be proud that I created these baby spider plants from the momma plant!e0ac5480868911e1989612313815112c_7

Hank’s birthday was April 3 – Happy Birthday, Hanky!

Picture from Vegas. :)

I was in St. Louis this week for our annual state/national staff meetings. The best part is going to the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium and hanging out in the Monsanto suite!

While there, I got to meet a Tweep (friend on Twitter) Janice (@JPlovesCOTTON)! I follow her on Twitter and her blog, so it was great to get to meet her in person! Love social media!

And I now love Instagram!

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