Our Family Farm

Ronny and I both grew up in agriculture families. In the country. With a legacy. With a future. In agriculture.

Take a tour with us to see a little bit about what makes us who we are and that real family farms do exist.

I grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado on a cow-calf ranch. We raise Red Angus cattle, which I am very much partial to. We have horses and four-wheelers to move and work the cattle. We don't raise grain crops, but use two irrigation pivots (or big sprinklers like I've always called them!) where we grow alfalfa for hay.

Ronny grew up in the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas on a diversified farm, as well as his dad being a full-time professor in animal science at Kansas State University. They raise cattle, sheep and forage crops, as well as having a few horses and dogs around.

Some views of the ranch in Colorado:

Some views of the farm in Kansas:

Agriculture. Farming. Ranching. Cattle. It's always been a part of our lives and is a big part of what brought us together. We don't take it lightly - producing food for our world - but it's an important job that our families strive to achieve. According to USDA, 98% of all farms in the U.S. are family farms - I'm glad we're a part of that legacy.