Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stock Show trip to Denver

Over the long holiday weekend, Ronny and I had the opportunity to go with our friends, Matt & Lindsay Hastings, to Denver for the National Western Stock Show. DSC03444

The weather was beautiful…we didn’t need our coats for most of the time. We even found some Nebraska signs to take our picture with.

While we were there, we enjoyed the cattle shows, horse jumping show and even the dog pull (did you know a 30 pound dog can pull 900 pounds!).

The highlights included walking around and reminiscing in the yards, seeing old friends, spending time with the Hastings, the cowboy church and the rodeo.IMG_0965IMG_0969

We were super impressed with the “One-Armed Bandit” at the rodeo.IMG_0970

Such a fun weekend! We also got to stop by my parents house on Friday evening and show the Hastings my family ranch. Always a great time to see my family and be home.

Monday, January 14, 2013

“beach balls” baby quilt

One of the quilts I took to the county fair I couldn’t blog about earlier because it was a gift for my niece, Maelle. And I forgot to get a good picture of it before I gave it to Ryan & Lindsay. Here is a little bit about the quilt that I made for her.

For the pattern, I used a Lazy Girl Littles pattern.

For the fabric, I used the Moda Pezzy print Charm Pack.

Here are a few pictures of the quilt.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meeting Maelle.

We had a great weekend loving on our  new niece, Maelle Rose! Maelle was born December 31 to my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan & Lindsay.



She is absolutely perfect…I’m not biased at all! Ronny even held her for just a little bit.

Auntie Em came down for the weekend, too. It was fun to be together as siblings!

Welcome to our family, Little Miss!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Details 2013

I am a shoe person.

And when I say that, I mean I don’t like walking around barefoot – I wear shoes all the time.

It could be because my parents are shoe people and always wear shoes around the house, although I don’t believe my siblings do…(I’ll have to ask them). Or it could be because I have extremely high arches in my feet and it just hurts them to walk barefoot without my orthotics.

I preface my story with this because as I was putting on my house shoes (aka Crocs) this morning getting ready after I put my socks on, I felt like there was a large lint ball in my sock, but I figured it would move enough when I put my boots on later.

It didn’t. But I needed to get out the door so I just walked on it. Walked on it 4 blocks from parking to work. Walked on it around work in the morning and walked on it to a lunch meeting 4 blocks away and back.  I finally took the time to take my boot off to get the large lint ball. To my surprise, I found this pin. Yes, I was walking on that all day.

My first thought was to call myself an idiot. I was! That was an idiot move – why didn’t I take time to just figure out what the problem was this morning when it first bothered me. I didn’t take the time.

I wasn’t going to resolve to do anything this year (except drink more water – more of a health goal than anything), so I decided this was a good lesson that teaches me to pay attention to details – and take the time to get something done at the time it needs done.

I also want to do things that are meaningful to people I care about. I recently received a subscription to Taste of Home’s simple & delicious magazine from my friend Lori. She didn’t’ have to do this, but she did because she is such a great friend.

Lastly, I want to dig into to God’s Word and focus my heart on Him.

So here’s to 2013!