Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dolphins in Charleston

As promised from my last post about Charleston and the port tug boat tour, here is a video of our dolphin sightings when we were in Charleston.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Charleston & Port Tour

I’ve been traveling the last two weeks – so it’s nice to be home now for awhile. I was in Charleston for the U.S. Grains Council meetings – almost exactly a year from when I was last in Charleston.

I was in meetings for three days, but had an afternoon to walk around the town.

The Council took our group out to the Boone Hall Plantation for a tour, dinner and some entertainment.DSC03513

The row of live oaks were planted in 1743 – an absolutely beautiful entry to the mansion. DSC03516

Slave Street were a row of the living quarters of the skilled slaves. Each “house” contained a mini-museum exhibit about the role of slaves in the South specific to the plantation and the area. DSC03518

We had dinner and entertainment in the “Cotton Dock” where we could shuck oysters and enjoy a great blue grass band with dinner. The location on the river in the evening was beautiful – and the rain subsided just enough for us to enjoy. With a large group of farmers, they were having a hard time not complaining at the rain – just wished they could take it home with them!

The next day following the conference, a group of farmers and staff from Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana put together some side meetings – one of which was with the South Carolina Port Authority and the Port of Charleston. They set up a tour of the port for us – on a tug boat! When I first heard tug boat I was thinking, “cramped and a little fish-smelling”. But this was the caddy of tug boats – I guess it has to be to bring in large container vessels to the port. DSC03533DSC03541

This is where the “pilot” commands the boat. He explained the the boat was like a versatile tractor – he knew he was talking to a group of farmers. :)DSC03560

Sites on the shore.DSC03567DSC03532

There were even dolphins jumping around in the river around our boat. There is the fin of one – I got some video of them so will try to post that later.

This vessel was delivering fruit from South America – our world trade just amazes me.DSC03584DSC03591

It was a great experience and I can never get enough of Charleston – I think I’ll go back again next year!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafting time

I received a great birthday present. Yes, back in October. And I’ve been using it since then! Using it enough that I haven’t taken any pictures.

So here it is, my awesome crafting table that I received from my parents.DSC03472

It is TrueCut Crafting Table from The Grace Company and is a multi-level, multi-sized table that can change heights, and both sides fold down. Most importantly, it is on wheels, so I can move it around my craft room, yet fold it down to conserve space in our small basement room. DSC03475

I set it at mid-waist height so I would not have to bend over to do all of my cutting. And it has been a back saver! And the shelves are perfect to keep my fabric scrap baskets and spools of thread.

I also like where I have it positioned next to my sewing machine. I’m working on a large quilt right now, so I can easily lay the extra fabric on the table or the first shelf and it doesn’t drag down to the floor.

My sewing area isn’t glamorous, but it works great for me and I’m so grateful for this extra piece that adds so much to one of my favorite hobbies. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

“So God Made a Farmer”

I posted this over on my Ag on the Forefront blog, but I wanted to share with my little birdie readers, too. Please help by giving back and voting for this great Super Bowl commercial!

If you didn’t see or hear about the Dodge Ram “So God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl commercial, it is creating quite the conversation. The video features Paul Harvey’s voice sharing the poem with “tear-jerking with pride” images of the people across our country who raise our food. A great tribute to the “the farmer in all of us.”


When you watch the video on Ram’s website, the Ram Brand will make a donation to National FFA Organization (up to $1 million) and assist in local hunger and educational programs.

There is also a poll taking place over the next week for the best commercial, so vote it up on YouTube here.


If you are considering buying a Dodge vehicle, make sure your dealership knows that you appreciate their ad!

Please pass this along and God Bless farmers.