Thursday, August 5, 2010

A pretty big number

A recent study found this number: 100,500… the number of words an average person consumes – meaning reads or hears – every day. The amount we read has tripled from 1980-2008 thanks to the internet! (Source: By the numbers, University of California, San Diego.)

I blogged on Nebraska Corn Kernels and Ag on the Forefront about using this number to advocate for agriculture. Read about it here. How many of a consumer's 100,500 words consumed per day had anything to do about ag? They should be hearing ag's great story about how their food is produced.

What are you consuming your 100,500 with? Hopefully something meaningful, educational and relevant. With all of the crud out there today on the internet, TV, junk emails and more...a lot of time is spent consuming that crud and taking time away from the good stuff. Make this your challenge today to consume good from what you read, hear and say.

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