Monday, July 19, 2010


The previous owners of our home did a great job with landscaping in the front yard and with the three trees that we enjoy. However, the backyard was a little lacking in landscaping from an overgrown corner, and the south part of the house where little sunlight was not allowing the grass to grow.


So we got some big limestone rock from our friend Alex in KS. He owns a quarry and actually our K-State rock that we got from Ryan and Lindsay for our wedding…DSCI0485  …came from Alex’s quarry. So we started with this big pile.DSCI0002

Then we got to work!DSCI0009



Then we added river rock. The rest of our landscaping has river rock and we wanted to match, along with hoping that Hank won’t dig anymore!

DSCI0001 (2)DSCI0004 DSCI0005 DSCI0006 

Then we planted shrubs and flowers….but you’ll have to wait to see pictures!


Mom F. said...

Your rock work looks great!! I really like how you teared it down the slope behind the house. Very nice!! The limestone adds so much (and maybe a little essence of KSU) :)

HV Co. Farmer's Daughter said...

Ah! I love the limestone powercat!! And good job putting the ole hubby to work while you "documented" it all!