Wednesday, October 7, 2009


…an update from me! Did you think I dropped off the planet?? I feel like I have! ha ha! First, I’ve been sick for almost three weeks, and just trying to get energy to put away wedding gifts has been a chore, much less trying to finish my thesis defense project, clean, cook and take care of my busy husband.

For those out of the loop, Ronny and I got married on September 19! We then took a week-long honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (I will post an update with pictures of that soon!). We got back and Ronny had to get right back to work traveling, and I’ve been preparing for my thesis defense presentation, which I give tomorrow. I should be polishing it right now, but I also got a couple of wedding pictures today as a “tease” and I wanted to share them!

I love them all!!

368 bw blue 4x6 kelsey and ronny

365 a 4x6 kelsey and ronny

381 a 4x6 kelsey and ronny

275 a 4x6 kelsey and ronny
373 a 4x6 kelsey and ronny

389 4x6 kelsey and ronny


Alicia said...

Pictures look great!! Wish I could've been there!

crystal.cattle said...

That first picture of you guys is amazing! I love the necklace as well. Very you. I'm guessing you had someone make it?

Miss Mandy said...

I love them all too! Especially the last one. PS I LOVED your song that you picked for your first dance. I immediately went home to download it!!

Ben and Corineah Williams said...

The pictures are great! Congrats! You'll love starting your life together in Nebraska - we absolutely loved the people there!