Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas is coming…

…but first, my crazy story about participating in Black Friday.

I talked my sister, Emily, to go to Target at 5 a.m. on Friday after Thanksgiving so that I could get the long-awaited TV that Ronny and I wanted to put in our room. There were good sales in the ads, so I decided to be an economist and sacrifice my sleep to save some moulah$$ on a TV. Crazy idea, I know. The doors opened at 5, and Em and I walked in the door at 5:10. By this time the 32” flat screen TV that I wanted were all gone. :( So I settled for a  26” inch that was also on sale.

But I was also able to get my sewing machine that Ronny gave me for my birthday on sale.


So, back to Christmas, we worked on decorating after Thanksgiving. Here is our progress…

DSCI0103 DSCI0107 DSCI0098 (2)

And a sneak peak for our Weekend Project #4, we got lots of sheetrock put up!!  More to come…

DSCI0092 (2)

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