Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rain makes corn...

Since working for the Corn Board....anything with the word "corn" in it sticks out to me. But in the phrase from this recently popular song, "rain" stands out in Nebraska. I received some data today from an automated weather station at the ARDC that was really amazing to me (data nerd, I weather nerd friend, Shelley, should be proud).

Since the beginning of June, 20 out of 23 days we have received rain here in Nebraska inching toward one of its wettest Junes on record. Good for my planter garden as well as not having to run our yard sprinkler system! But unfortunately, not good for many of the farmers from across the state that may have received greater amounts of rainfall causing flooding.

As of Wednesday, 10.14 inches of rain had fallen for the month (National Weather Service). That makes it the sixth wettest June on record (normal precip in June is 3.51 inches).

Here are the top 10:
•1967, 12.93 inches
•1908, 11.24 inches
•1965 and 1914, 10.71 inches
•1947, 10.20 inches
•2010, 10.14 inches
•1951, 9.76 inches
•1902, 8.83 inches
•2008, 8.59 inches
•1964, 8.56 inches

I also read yesterday in the Lincoln Journal-Star that flood and hail damage from just one recent storm caused $25 million in damage. The wet weather is forcing farmers to adjust their weed-control and nitrogen work as well as washing several fields out.

Here are some pictures of the recent flooding (thanks to Brownfield Ag News and Lincoln Journal-Star).


Shelley said...

Great post, Kelsey! You made your weather nerd friend very proud. :)

Anonymous said...

That's so sad! With all this weirdness going on with the weather I just hope this isn't like that movie The Day After Tomorrow and the end is coming...