Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just say “NO”…to door-to-door salesmen

**Note from Kelsey: This blog post is written by my loving and hilarious husband, Ronny. He told me to put this story on the blog and I told him only if he wrote it. So he did and here is his first post. Hopefully more to come from him!**

Before reading please put your laughing shoes on...

Title: Just say “NO”…to door to door salesmen

(Russell this made me remember your story)

Yup, not going to lie, owning your own house is a learning process. I am not just talking about the maturity fact of growing up and having to pay for the bills everyday. I am talking about what I learned in second grade, Just say “NO.” Sure I learned to say “NO” to drugs back in grade school, but this is a phrase that stays with you for eternity. Just say, “NO”.

For example, tonight Kelsey and I had a first encounter with ‘Tim’ the tattoo artist that tried selling us a ‘Kirby’ vacuum. What I am talking about is this nice guy, who’s name is Tim, barge himself into our house trying to sell us a vacuum. Actually this nice girl got Kelsey tricked and Tim (the tattooed salesman) somehow came with the nice lady. She can explain? ;)

Moving on about Tim! Sure you might be thinking, ‘Tattoo,’ Ronny you are being narrow-minded. Now I am cool with my sister-in-laws' “tats” and even my friend’s tattoos. No, I am talking about people who permanently scar themselves for life and then realize they have their ex-wife initials on their arm. Narrow minded! I am talking about Tim the Kirby Vacuum salesman.

So Tim being a bad salesman like ‘ABS’ (a company that I compete with) tried selling me a vacuum. Honestly a bull semen salesman getting out sold by a vacuum salesman, whatever. I did not tell Tim I was a fellow salesman. So I let Tim do his best in giving me his memorized speech that he learned the night before. “Aw poor guy.” Yup that’s what I thought however, I am not buying his amateur speech. Tim did his best to relate his speech to my agriculture education the only problem is that I graduated from 8th grade.

Finally, I told Tim that his vacuum is better than mine, ( honestly it is) and then, "what does it cost?" Tim said $2850. “Hmmm, HAHAHAHAHA are your serious Tim,” that’s what I wanted to say. But I did what my 83-year neighbor told me, count to ten and say something nice. A half hour later I got Tim to give me a price for $750 for a brand new Kirby Vacuum. What was my answer, nope sorry that is still to much for a carpet cleaning vacuum.

Long story short, Tim made me remember that everybody who owns a house gets these guys every year. You need to be on top of your game and make sure you are driving the bus and not “Tim” the Kerby Vacuum salesman. Especially, when they can discount a vacuum down $2100 and sell this no-guarantee, never see you again guarantee, Tim don’t ever come into my house again guarantee. Have a nice day, Tim!

**I was very glad Ronny was home because I am just too nice to say no to people. A good lesson for me, too!**


Unknown said...

WOW! I think I encountered Tim's brother (less the tatoos) with the same speech only I fell for it (for about 24 hours) and after using it once through the house I called and told them I was returning it and wanted my old one and my money back. I too must remember - don't even let them in the door!!

Joe and Cindy Frasier said...

Great story!!! We are just wondering where Hank, Ranch security, was at the time of the "invasion". LOL Thanks for sharing, Ronny. Made our day!!!