Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Six goals

Wow…six more weeks until 2012. And I have SO many things I want to get done before that!

To help keep myself accountable, I’m going to post my six goals here and attempt to get them done (and a few more things!) before the new year. Call it pre-New Year’s resolution, resolution.

1. Put together an advent calendar for December. I really like these from Pinterest:


Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

2. Finish my two quilts I’m working on. One is a gift that I cannot say what it is, but the other is my bedroom quilt which I just need to finish the back of and send in to get quilted.

3. House reorganization: Move Ronny’s office downstairs and reorganize his current office room for better storage and a seating area for reading/blogging.

I would love for a little area like this:

4. House cleaning: I really need to deep clean. :(

5. Christmas cards & gifts: Have Christmas cards sent and all gifts purchased/made by December 17th! 

6. Mend clothing & thrift trip: I have about 4 outfits that I can’t wear because of seams that were ripped out or a tear here and there. Also, I’m inspired to find some fun stuff at a thrift store – I just need a buddy to go with me?!

Anyone else have some great year-end goals that I need to get inspired to get done, too?!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

I want to go thrifting with you!! In Lincoln, go to the GW near the Fort, I've found some cute things there.

SDFarmWife said...

I LOVE the Advent Calendars!

Melissa said...

My mom always believed the BEST thrift stores were in Lincoln. She still makes a yearly trip up there to stock up! :) We should do it sometime!