Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY | Vertical Pumpkins

My pumpkins are ready to go vertical. This past week they started to grow over the edge of the Purina tubs, so Ronny put up a nice (slightly redneck) chicken wire fence around them. This is in effort for them to grow up and over, like a fountain.

Garden June 11

As we don’t have much space in our box garden, we decided to experiment with the Purina tubs that my dad gave me (thanks, Dad!) and grow UP instead of OUT like pumpkins tend to do. And they’ve really been growing fast.

Planting 04282012-2DSC02102

I was inspired to do this from an idea on Pinterest. I’m sure we’ll have to provide more support as the vines grow and the pumpkins develop. I will update on the progress!

In other garden progress news, my broccoli is huge and my cucumber vines are growing like crazy. I’ve put tomato cages around them (since my tomatoes failed last year – I decided not to replant this year) and am training them to grow up and over as well. I also have a zucchini almost ready for harvest. Oh and I’ve been eating lettuce like crazy.

Garden June 11-4Garden June 11-7

And he is just too cute not to post a picture of. But I couldn’t tell when I took the picture because I was blinded by the sun. :)Garden June 11-5

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