Monday, August 20, 2012

August Garden

I must admit, I’ve been neglecting my garden – but it must still love me because it has been producing some great cukes and zukes.
Garden August 18-3Garden August 18-4

Hanky can attest – he really likes when I cut them up and “accidentally” drop some on the floor.
Garden August 18-6

My sister, Emily, came for a weekend visit and she – the horticulture girl – gave my garden and bushes some love and discovered this little carrot growing. In a few more weeks I should be able to harvest the rest.
Garden August 18-8Garden August 18-9

We also are officially a one-pumpkin family after our effort with the DIY Vertical Pumpkins. And a weeny pumpkin at that. At least  he turned orange, but Ronny was pretty disappointed. 
Garden August 18-2

I was able to slice and freeze three of my zucchini’s and will look forward to lots of recipes this winter I can use them in.
zukes aug 18

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