Friday, December 20, 2013

Chisum–3 months

We have a growing baby boy!
1 month
2 months


Chisum-muffin, at 3 months, you:

  • Love grabbing at toys and your burp cloth with your hands.
  • And whatever you can get into your mouth, you do! Especially your fists.
  • Love to kick, kick, kick when you’re laying down on your floor gym or on the changing pad.


  • Have started laughing a lot and are really ticklish under your chin and armpits.


  • Started daycare – and while it was a big adjustment at first, you are doing well (better than mommy!)
  • Enjoyed your first Thanksgiving and spending time with cousin Maelle!


  • Only wakes up to eat once in the night and are ready to be up and playing around 6 am.
  • Went to your first big bull sale at Cross Diamond! There was a bull named after you and he is going to live in Oregon.


  • You think your Papa Joe is pretty great – especially dressing just like him.


We love you!


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