Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A celebratory weekend

We were so grateful to be able to celebrate Chisum’s Dedication at church and Ronny’s 30th birthday this past weekend.

Chisum was dedicated to the Lord by Ronny and I vowing to raise him in a Christian home and with the understanding that Chisum was given to us by God to do His will. We are so blessed that God chose us to be Chisum’s parents and we honor God for this opportunity.


Pastor Curt did a great job sharing with our church. Chisum just smiled at him and the congregation as Curt walked down each aisle to introduce him to the church and ask for their support in helping us raise him.


Most all of our family came to Nebraska to celebrate with us. Our parents, all of our siblings, my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin, and some close family friends joined us. Since we were going to all be together, we also celebrated Ronny’s 30th birthday (which is today!) with a lunch following church.


The sign I got for Ronny must have been made in China. :) “Happy Bitrhday!”DSC05243DSC05239DSC05249DSC05252

These grandparents sure love their little greats!DSC05253DSC05258DSC05266DSC05263

Four generations.


Thank you so much to our family for making the effort to come – it meant a lot to us!

We praise and thank the Lord everyday for the gift that He has given to us in Chisum. We pray that He will guide us in raising him, that Chisum will love Jesus as much as we do, and that he will find strength and faith through God and seek Him in all that he does.

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Emily said...

Such a special day! We had Gunner's dedication about this time last year and we had to reschedule THREE times because of the weather :)