Sunday, March 15, 2009

spring break

Well, thanks to my sister-in-law and Mandy, I've decided to start a blog. I always told myself that I would NEVER blog b/c people don't need to know what I'm doing. Then I decided Big Brother wasn't out to get me, and I will keep this simple. But I look almost daily at my friends' blogs, so why not start one so I can maybe put a smile on someone else's face like they do mine?!
A little about me:
The title of my blog stems from my childhood-present nickname, Bird or Birdie. I was a very picky eater, so Grandma said I ate like a bird...and it stuck. Even family friends call me Bird, and sometimes if my family calls me Kelsey, I don't answer b/c I'm so used to them calling me Bird!
I'm a graduate student at Kansas State University in the Agricultural Economics department. I will be done with class in May (thank goodness!) and will finish my thesis, cow-calf production risk, by August (fingers crossed!). I heart economics...mostly b/c I didn't even understand it before coming to college, and I wanted to challenge myself, learn something new, and thus I stepped into some of the hardest theoretical curriculum ever! But I've learned so much and that makes it worth it.

Then, what I'm looking forward to the getting married SEPTEMBER 19, 2009!! My fiance', Ronny, and I met at school. He was an AGR, I was Theta, and we saw eachother at a AGR/Theta wedding, but didn't meet until the next week at a homecoming party. We've been together ever since....3 1/2 years! We've been engaged for over a year...not really by choice (don't be engaged over 1 year and 8 months girls....its way too long!!) but I wanted to finish school, and he has a job in NE, so it wasn't feasible to get married sooner.

It's now spring break and I need to get to grading papers. Since grad students have to work over break, I'm here in Manhappiness to work on my thesis, grade papers, write a lit review, & study for ag marketing test. I'm also hoping to do some fun stuff too...pedicure, wedding stuff, new running shoes, buying a new flat iron and seeing Ronny this weekend! Also, my friend is staying with me this week as she is down from IL for the MAB program at I'm excited to have company!!

Oh, I've also discovered Microsoft Live Photo Gallery and you can do lots of fun stuff with it! Like make panoramic pictures! I made one of my living room last night...

I need to work on it...but I will post later on when I perfect the panoramic-madness!

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